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Green Cross

The Green Cross Charter is a program developed in order to ensure that patients are provided with high quality pharmaceutical care country-wide.  Their will now be a benchmark set for pharmaceutical care.  These standards will be set by the PSK and followed strictly. The primary focus will be the well-being of our patients/clients.

Our Services will aim at creating and sustaining relationships between the Pharmacist and the patient through one-on-one interactions.  Each patient will now interact with a qualified registered Pharmacist at the premise at least 75% of the time, and will be able to contact the Pharmacist by phone at all other times.  This will ensure that all people receive their consultations from someone who is qualified and knowledgeable in our field of practice.  Patients will receive credible guidance, advice, and assistance at all times.  Any questions, comments, or concerns will be dealt with immediately and in a confidential manner.

The requirements for accreditation will be strict so as to safeguard the healthcare of patients. When applying for accreditation along with a fee, PSK will ensure that the Pharmacy has the following requirements fulfilled such as: required documentation and certificates, proper premise condition, minimum required equipment, lock and key storage facilities for expired/restricted drugs, soft and hard copy records, a semi-private client counseling area, and a library with access to appropriate reference books.  In addition, inspectors from PSK will verify whether Pharmacy practice is being carried out professionally.

Inspectors will be dispatched after the application is lodged to inspect the facility and give accreditation.  During the year, inspections will also be carried out to make sure that the practice is being carried on a professional manner.  Any complaints lodged by colleagues will be taken seriously and followed up immediately.  If one fails to abide by the requirements set out by PSK for the Green Cross Accreditation, the Pharmacy will be forced to remove the Green Cross Logo from the premise immediately.

The Green Cross program will launch a campaign sensitizing the public on the importance of buying drugs from a quality ensured Pharmacy i.e., a Green Cross Accredited facility.  The Green Cross will represent quality of care.

The conditions set out by the Green Cross Accreditation are meant to strengthen our professional credibility in Pharmacy, in addition to promoting safe and effective pharmaceutical care.  Patients/ Clients will rest assured that they are not dealing with unqualified individuals anymore. The Green Cross logo will identify Pharmacies where qualified registered individual practice. The importance of the role of a Pharmacist will soon be realized. The Green Cross will promote Pharmacists.