About CPD

What is CPD?

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) refers to the commitment by members of the Pharmacy fraternity to constantly update their knowledge and skills in order to provide safe and effective pharmaceutical care to patients.

CPDs allow for Pharmacists to keep up-to-date on immerging issues, as well as, acts as a mechanism to review knowledge that was perhaps left behind in college.  This entire process of CPD essentially deals with merging knowledge with practice. It allows allows one to continually improve oneself by acquiring knowledge that is pertinent to everyday practice.

Why allot points to CPDs?

This acts as a measure to ensure that Pharmacists actively participate in acquiring knowledge that is relevant to our profession today.  Medications and treatments are changing daily according to new research.  Thus, it is imperative that Pharmacists are aware of the immerging changes in our profession. This information guides us on how to best provide quality care to our patients.

What do we gain from acquiring CPD points? 

  • aids in acquiring knowledge which may advance your career
  • fills in the gaps in skills or knowledge that we may lack
  • acquire practical skills
  • keeping knowledge up-to-date
  • gain a chance to showcase your achievements
  • confidence and credibility in our workplace

The PSK Education Committee strives to provide useful information to Pharmacists pertaining to the profession.